Coffee station…definitely a necessity

October 18, 2011 § 2 Comments

Coffee. I love the smell and I almost always want a cup first thing in the morning (STAT) like many people. Unfortunately in our house there is usually a clatter to find a cup, sometimes a mad search to find the espresso capsule (or tea bag) all while the poor espresso machine is ready and waiting to serve.

Mornings can be unpredictable and unorganized, its simply human nature. Luckily this can be solved pretty easily by creating a station.

I have a friend who also needed this station, so I went to work in her kitchen. She wanted easy access to her espresso capsules, tea bags and instant coffee for days when she was on the run. She also wanted her espresso maker out of the cabinet so that she wouldn’t have to set it up everytime she wanted to make a cup.

We started by gathering all of the related items and neatly organizing the surplus in a cabinet beneath the counter space we decided would make the perfect spot for a permanent coffee station. All we needed was a small amount of space that was not dedicated to any other purpose, an electrical outlet and a little creativity so that it would earn form points as well as function.

I looked around at what she had available in her kitchen. I could have used jars or glass containers for the coffee and tea but as a Seattle native I thought I’d grab a few Starbucks coffee cups I saw in the cabinet. They just happened to all match so I filled them up. Then, I lined them up on the counter near the espresso machine.

They all matched in size and shape which was great, but they still needed something.

I dug around in the kitchen and found a long ceramic serving tray that matched the off white coffee cups perfectly.

Voila! The coffee station was born!

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