Camera tip: Use a polarizing filter

January 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

The day that I decided to graduate to a DSLR and purchase my Canon Rebel, I was anxious to make sure that I had all of the equipment, within reason, to take an amazing photo.

Luckily I had a very patient and helpful camera salesman who listened to me explain what I wanted to achieve with my camera. Thankfully, he zeroed in on the fact that I intended to take the majority of my photos outdoors and then helped me to understand the unparalleled benefits of investing in a polarizing filter.

Polarizing filter? (I didn’t know what this was)

This is what the filter looks like.

My definition: a slim round piece of glass that threads on to the end of your lens to take away glare and enrich the colors of your outdoor photos. Below is a visual aid to demonstrate the difference this lens can make.

You can see how the colors are more saturated inside the filter ring.

I take a lot of my photos near the water on sunny days and the intense glare that water creates can distort your picture. Grass can take on a yellow hue and anything that is white becomes blinding.

The polarizing filter fixes this. Here are more visual examples.

This was taken on a very bright day but the filter took away any glare.

I love this filter. It has enhanced my photos more than I could have imagined. If you love to take photos outdoors and don’t have one, I hope that I have been able to point you in the right direction!



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