Pantone Color of the Year 2012

January 9, 2012 § Leave a comment

Every year Pantone®, the printing industry standardized color reproduction system, will declare a particular “Color of the Year“.

This year they have declared “Tangerine Tango”, or Pantone® 17-1463, as the color of the year!

As a designer, I find their annual announcement interesting, and I admit that I am curious every year in anticipation.

Tangerine Tango has been described by Pantone® as a provocative attention-getter in fashion, versatile in the cosmetic industry, and is said to energize interior spaces.

I have to agree…it’s bold, it’s energizing and it just so happens to compliment my favorite color!

More to come this week in celebration of Pantone’s® Color of the Year…


Color inspiration is everywhere!

November 16, 2011 § 3 Comments

I am often asked if I have any advice about how to choose the right colors for a home. Whether furniture, walls, or a front door, that’s an easy question to answer.

My advice…just look around you. Color inspiration is everywhere!

The circles above represent colors that I’ve sampled from the photos above. All of these objects made me smile! The yellow Vespa looks like a fun ride and the warm colors of the changing leaves are inspiring. Nature really is the best teacher when it comes to color.

Objects like these can help you on your path to choosing colors for your home. You can see exactly how the color inspiration above translates into a color choice for a home in the picture below. What a gorgeous front door!

Can you imagine this conversation?

Homeowner: “I have a gray house, what color do you suggest for our front door?”

Paint store: “Orange. Definitely”.  (not likely)

This homeowner was not just daring but brilliant in their color choice for their front door.

My advice:

I always choose colors that make me feel good. It may sound corny, but it works. If you are trying to decide on a color for your interior, exterior, furniture or accents, be sure to ask yourself a few questions first. What do you want to feel when you see it? Calm? Inspired?

For example, I am usually trying to crank out creative work in my home office so I need to feel inspired. I decided on warm yellow walls to inspire me and all white furniture to act as a clean palette for each new project. The wall color makes me feel awake and ready to work while the bright white surfaces keep my mind uncluttered.

Of course, I had to make a mistake first in order to learn this lesson about color. I used to love the cinnamon walls at my favorite cafe. I loved them so much that I came home and painted my office that exact color hoping to elicit the same relaxing feelings I had at the cafe. When it was done, it looked amazing. Unfortunately, it was all wrong. Why? I enjoyed the cafe interior because it made me feel calm and relaxed, which was not the intended goal for my home office. Shortly after I painted the walls a cozy cinnamon color, all I wanted to do was sleep at my desk! Luckily, I learned an invaluable lesson about color that I can pass along to you.

I hope these ideas help you to find your color inspiration for your next project! I’d love to hear about it.

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