Smart design for smaller homes

October 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

Understated elegance is how I choose to describe this home.

Although not grand in size, these homeowners display impeccable taste. By using a neutral color palette, smart landscaping and modestly decorating their petite porch, they have created one of the most well designed houses on their block.

Many people find smaller homes a little more challenging to decorate and landscape. There is less room for error with a smaller space so consequently design choices need to be deliberate and add value whether by adding charm or function, or ideally, both.

The front yard has just the right amount of foliage that includes a perfectly proportioned boxwood hedge, roses and other low lying plants in front of the living room windows.

The hedge is a very important design element as it helps to define the boundaries of the yard. Building a bulky fence could cause this home to look small and uninviting. Keeping the height of the hedge low creates an inviting feeling while still defining the property line.

The single golden pumpkin on the porch of this home is a smart accent because it’s glamorous golden shine is in sharp contrast to the traditional elements of brick and the weathered wood porch. It also celebrates the season without taking up too much space or commanding too much attention.

Classic cement pavers offer more style points. They have been set into the grass walkway adding visual interest as well as function to keep our feet dry during the rainy months. These small details and design choices not only express personal taste but add tons of charm to this home.

This house is such a joy to look at and demonstrates a fundamental design lesson that once again, less really is more!


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